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Concordia College is a small, diverse, co-educational liberal arts college located in suburban Westchester County, New York. Concordia aspires to enhance the lives of students by weaving together academics, vibrant student life, experiential learning opportunities, co-curricular programs and campus spiritual life into a tapestry of life-long learning. Concordia is the perfect home for students who actively participate in their education, seek a broad-based education, want to be part of a Christian-based community and near NYC.

About Our Students


Women 68%
Men 32%

Concordia College

What Students Pay

Price of Attendance in 2019 - 2020   Note: Numbers are estimates only for full-time undergraduate students living on campus in academic year 2019 - 2020. Room & Board: This figure assumes double occupancy in institutional housing and 19 meals per week (or the maximum meal plan). Books and Supplies: These costs include the average cost of books and supplies for a typical full-time undergraduate student living on campus. Unusual costs for special groups of students (for example, engineering or art majors) are not included unless they constitute a majority of the students at the institution. Transportation: These costs include two round trips per year to the hometown of a typical full-time undergraduate student living on campus. Other Expenses: These expenses include average costs for a typical full-time undergraduate student living on campus, for clothing, laundry, entertainment, medical (if not a required fee), and furnishings.

Estimated Tuition & Fees$29,700
Estimated Room & Board$11,024
Estimated Books & Supplies$1,000
Estimated Transportation$750
Other Expenses$950

Use Our Net Price Calculator   An institution's Net Price Calculator provides an individualized estimate of the net price of attendance for a first-time, full-time aided undergraduate at that institution. The federal definition of net price is as follows: an institution's cost of attendance for first-time, full-time undergraduate students less the total need- and merit-based federal, state and institutional grant aid awarded (i.e., monetary awards that do not have to be paid back) divided by the number of first-time, full-time undergraduate students receiving such aid. The estimates generated by an institution's Net Price Calculator do not represent a final determination, or actual award, of financial assistance or a final net price; they are only estimates.

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Thinking About Life After College

Concordia College

About Our Faculty

Faculty Information   Student Faculty Ratio: Ratios are for full-time equivalent students to full-time equivalent instructional faculty for the fall of 2019. Full-time equivalent equals all the full-time individuals plus one-third of the part-time individuals. Faculty and students in stand-alone graduate programs such as medicine, law, veterinary, dentistry, social work, business, or public health in which faculty teach virtually only graduate level students are not included in the ratio calculations. Undergraduate or graduate student teaching assistants are not included as faculty. Full-Time Faculty with Highest Degree: Full-time instructional faculty in the fall of 2019 who held a doctorate, first professional, or the highest degree available in their field. Instructional faculty is defined as those members of the instructional-research staff whose major regular assignment is instruction, including those with released time for research.

Student Faculty Ratio: 14:1

Concordia College

Life on Campus

Concordia College offers clubs, fraternities, and sororities as well as social, religious, and cultural organizations. Student organizations and administrative programs offer a wide variety of entertainment, including movies, concerts, dramatic performances, parties, dances, and lectures. There are many athletic opportunities as well, from NCAA Division II intercollegiate competition to intramurals.

Campus Safety

The Campus Safety Office at Concordia College-NY is dedicated to ensuring a safe and productive environment for our campus community members. On a daily basis, the department patrols and inspects buildings, facilities and grounds on campus.

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